about us

Online Teck is a young and dynamic provider of communications services established under the law of Hong Kong government in 2012 in the name of Online Teck. Online Teck is a pioneer and leader in providing end-to-end solutions to call centers, cooperates and telecom operates for retail and wholesale termination.

Online Teck aims to ensure smooth integration with third-party systems and endpoints as well as legacy systems, while emphasizing flexibility, reliability and high security. Research and development is at the core of Online Teck operations.

By ensuring rapid product development, Online Teck meets changing market demands as they arise, while partnering with leading telecom companies for reduced time to market and broad market access.

Online Teck insists on the highest quality in all aspects of operations, from the finished products to customer service. This translates into dependable communication solutions that meet the most exacting standards, and a broad client base that appreciates the courtesy, rapid response and high level of expertise it receives from Online Teck .

We have state-of-art Class –7 switching platform and have tied up with premium tier1 telecommunication carriers such as Level3, MCI, Colt Telecom, Sprint for quality global A-Z termination service offering ‘One-stop’ solution for all residential and business users. Servicing various market segments including the Large & Small Corporate, small and medium establishments (SMEs), Small Office Home Office (SOHO) Now that we are finally embracing IP Communications, both users and network operators want to experience IP Telephony as a reliable and quality driven alternate to the existing Ordinary PSTN.

Quality Services

Through its Least Cost Routing and patented PathEngine quality management technologies, Online Teck is able to select the best available route for every call.

The Online Teck Network Operations Centers, located in Delhi, Kolkata, India combine state-of-the-art network management technology with around-the-clock dedicated technicians to ensure the highest quality of service to customers worldwide. Online Teck customers also benefit from the web-based Partner Exchange Center that provides easy access to daily traffic performance statistics and dynamic reporting tools.